Friday, December 6, 2013

The "Candy Caper"

About a month ago a letter came home in Preston's folder about the CES Science Fair.  Projects were NOT mandatory until 2nd grade.  I LOVE a Science project.  Of course Preston entered.  His ( ok it was ALL my idea but a 5 year old using "hypothesis" in in a sentence is impressive in my book!) idea was to have a selection of over-the-counter medications and candy that looked identical to see if kids could tell the difference.  Ideally (aka with no strep throat and quasi stomach bug) we would have done this experiment at Daddy's bank with all Kindergarten kids only one at a time...but real life set in.  Mucho thanks to our sweet neighbors for participating in the project on a random Monday afternoon after tennis :)

PRESTON'S (no joke it's what HE said) hypothesis was the kids could NOT tell the difference between the OTC meds and candy.  The hypothesis was proven wrong.  (In my opinion the best outcome.) 86% of our responses were correct.  Our youngest subjects got the most incorrect responses--a 10 year old knows a Peanut M&M!  Next year we (MOMMY!) plans to expand our experiment to more drugs and younger children.

Oh yeah--he won first place. Not sure now much competition he had...but a win is a win in my book!  So proud of my Preston Luke Parker!

**If you look closely in the last pic (Sent from our SWEET Ms. Reno) you will see his classmates clapping for him after his win.  Super duper sweet!

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