Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Oh Nana and Pop how we missed you but we had a great Christmas Eve.  (Normally, we all attend Trinity's Children's/Candlelight Christmas Eve Service then have dinner and open presents on Christmas Eve, but since Nana and Pop are letting their antibiotic work we had a great family meal tonight with just the Singhs and Parkers and will do "Christmas" in the morning!)  KK and Kunkle were such wonderful hosts tonight.  We all enjoyed our steaks from the Tech Farm...esp John Cole!  I want to add I was very proud of Preston for being "OK" with the delay of present opening and he was great at the church service this afternoon.  Remembering the true reason for the season on this cold winters night. Can you imagine giving birth in a stable tonight? All the more reason to give thanks.  Merry Christmas everyone!  

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