Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LPECC Zoo Day!

I will start this post by saying that we LOVE Mrs. Donna and LOVE the LPECC!  So cute to see almost the whole school at the Louisiana Purchase today and so fun to spend the morning with my Preston and his sweet friend Remy.  Now I will say that I was NOT pumped to go to the zoo today--just being honest.  I haven't worked out all week and would have loved to go today BUT when I asked P if he would be happy or VERY happy if I went to the zoo he said VERY so of course I went.

Mrs. Donna had the kids paired up and asked the Moms to take a pair of kids so Remy, P and I hit the zoo.  We had a blast.  I was accompanied by two very smart (VERY ACTIVE!) boys and we made the most of our time.  I will admit that I was totally nervous being "in charge" of someone else's child--but it worked out fine.  Remy and Preston are two peas in a pod and I really enjoyed seeing the zoo through their eyes.

We had a special treat in the Education pavillion to pet a baby and 3 year old American alligator, a ferret and a sweet 5 week old owl.  Preston said his fav part of the zoo today was the baby owl.  He was so gentle with him--sweet :)

After the presentation the kids had their sack lunch and were headed for the bus.  P wanted to ride the bus as opposed to going home with me but I was at least glad he will still kiss me on the cheek to tell me bye.

Great times I am glad to get to enjoy!

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