Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Weekend in Dallas

Hard to decide which pics to post because I had so many great ones from our long weekend in Dallas! Daddy had some banking business at the Texas Rangers game Friday, so the boys and I left about an hour behind him Friday morning to meet up for some fun.  The boys and I did Legoland and the SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine on our own.  And let me just say--Preston Parker LOVES him some LEGOS!  Specifically making the Legocars and racing them down the ramp.  He did this for I am not joking approximately two HOURS!  John Cole and I watched him some, and he also VERY much enjoyed the toddler play area with the (TALL!!) slide.  Made me super nervous but he has no fear and ate it up :)  Got a couple good pics of the Aquarium--it's not spectacular but if you buy the tickets WITH Legoland tickets it is a pretty good deal.

So, around 5:00 Daddy's work friend dropped him at Legoland and I pryed P away with the promise of ice skating.  We headed to the Westin Galleria and checked in.  I have never stayed there before but with small kids it is VERY convenient!  What's for dinner?  How 'bout walking a few hundred feet to Mi Cocina in the mall?  YES PLEASE!  Kiddos loved it!  Then Preston and I skated for a bit and then Mommy and Daddy did just a little shopping before we took to BEAT kiddos to the room.

We actually all slept til 7:45 Saturday morning which was fab.  Off to the Corner Bakery (IN the Galleria) for breakfast then to the Perot Museum of Science and Nature.  This must not have been around forever because I don't remember it as a kid but it is a MUST SEE!  It was pretty crowded--I'd like to go back of a random Tuesday morning--but we did most everything.  Even I was impressed with the T-Rex skeleton...and if you know Preston you know he was ALL ABOUT IT!  We had lunch in the museum cafe (not too bad) and didn't leave until around 2:00.  Mommy snuck a trip to the Northpark (ANTHROPOLOGIE!!)) in next , but we got to our next destination in plenty of time.  We did the 5:00 show at Medieval Times and it worked out great.  God was smiling down on me as we were seated where I could just leave John Cole in the stroller for the WHOLE show.  Wish I could tell the girl thanks who did that!  Of course Preston LOVED the show.  He was hungry too and ate almost his entire chicken leg, his bread, my bread and his two potato logs.  (This is a LOT for P!)  Our knight-the red knight--came in second which was cool because it was like a bracket so we got to cheer for him a lot. I'm surprised P wasn't hoarse........

After we left the castle we headed back to the hotel.  Mom and Dad relaxed in the lobby for a bit while the kids ran around then we headed up for bed.  Sunday morning we were all up at a more NORMAL hour, but that worked out great so we could start the drive out to Ft. Worth.  We pulled up right as the zoo opened at 10 and were some of the first in.  The Ft. Worth Zoo does not disappoint.  P didn't at all remember going when he was 3:( so I am glad we went again...and I guess we will have to go again when John Cole is old enough to remember.  Mommy and Daddy REALLY wanted to have lunch somewhere other than the ZooCafe (YAY!  Cheeseburger!) but the boys got hungry before we finished the zoo so that's how it worked out.  John Cole liked the elephants, the zebras and the train ride.  Preston liked the reptiles and insects.  Seriously, he made me name EVERY little bug and EVERY lizard and EVERY snake...etc.  He also wanted me to read the zoo information to him at times and I was actually impressed with the little tidbits of info he would throw in.  Boy knows his zoo animals!  HA!

We had a good trip home and are ready for Monday!  Hope you have all had a good one!

PS--Prayers needed for my grandparents please.  It's a terribly long story but their health is failing and the family (Mainly NANA!) is dealing with some issues with their long term care.  Please pray for all of their strength during this time of change....thanks!

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