Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breck 2013

Although I need to be doing about a million other things right now, I wanted to stop and blog about our family ski trip to Breckenridge!  John Cole did not make the trip--I sure do miss him!--but I know he has been having a BLAST with Gran-Gran and Grandfather AND Nana and Pop.

This trip saw a lot of firsts for Preston.  His first commercial airplane ride.  His first trip to the mountains and most importantly his first time on skis.  Jeff and I love to ski.  Something about being on a ski lift looking at the wonder of God's creation really does feel like 'getting away from it all.' AND, I will admit (and I know Jeff agrees) whizzing down the mountain with the wind in your face and your skis ripping through the snow is pretty fun too!  So, we really wanted to take P this year so he could try it out and he did GREAT!  I was telling my Mom today I am kinda bummed we didn't get to stay one more day because P was doing exponentially better every day but I can only hope he has some muscle memory for next time :)

We had a great trip and P was actually quite fun to travel with.  You KNOW he never meets a stranger and he came home with not one but TWO sets of Delta wings and a trinket from the Pennsylvania national guard from an older gentlemen he struck up a convo with.  He always took time to speak to the kids he knew on the slopes--yes while skiing--because he just isn't going to let someone go by without speaking :)  He also now knows you can ask for extra cookies when the snack cart is brought down the aisle....

More later...but prolly not for a few days because moving day is SATURDAY!!

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