Friday, January 18, 2013

Fairy Tale Day

I will say that Fairy Tale character dress up day kinda caught me off-guard.....not a lot of EASY choices for little boys :)  However, I think the Mad Hatter may be one of my favorites and Preston REALLY liked it!  He was scolding me in the car this morning for "driving too fast and messing up his hat."  Love this precious age....and his school and teacher.

Hope all is well in your world.  Lots of packing/moving/selling/organizing still going on around here...but we for sure have a place to live after 1/26 so that's a REAL relief.  We will live in one of the finished Orchards homes while ours is being built.  We haven't even STARTED...and that could still be another month because the landscape architect is working on the irrigation plan, etc right now and wants to do another topography study on the our lot and the lots around it to make sure we get the slab/drainage right.  Soooo, we wait but I know it will be so worth it....

More later....headed to Breck early in the morning with Preston...can't WAIT!

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