Sunday, April 1, 2012

John Cole's Baptism

I had my tears early this morning while I was dressing John Cole, so I will try to hold them back as I type this blog post. Today was such a very special day as we, along with our family members, dedicated John Cole's life to the Lord. We promised to raise him in the knowledge and admonition of God, until he can come to his own decision to be a fully confirmed follower of Christ one day. He did just great--wasn't to sure about the handbells OR the water on his head--but luckily there wasn't a single other baby in the nursery so I didn't feel one bit worried about putting him in there after we were done :)

After the service, we came back to our house for lunch. Monjuni's and Nana did a great job on that (THANKS NANA!) and we enjoyed spending time together.

Thank you for coming, everyone, because I won't ever forget this most special day!

**late edition to post**

Preston informed me a few minutes ago he "bemembers" getting "appetized" because he "is smart and knows everything." Silly boy!

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