Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! Please excuse my pictures being in backwards chronological order. I am having a rare moment of slight laziness and indifference and I don't feel like redoing them :)

We had a wonderful HOLY day! Of course, the Easter Bunny came to the Parkers this morning. P's big gift was a balance bike, which he is not wanting to ride, and JC got diapers and sippy cups....but P was so pumped he had come and I LOVE to see how excited he gets over his goodies.

Next, we all got dressed and headed to Winnfield to worship. It was a nice service, and both boys sat through like champs. Preston was just a waving to his Nana in the choir loft and I think that pretty much made her day :)

Then, after a yummy lunch, we visited for a good long while then headed outside to play. We were having a great time--P got to hunt EVEN MORE eggs--until one minor mishap occured. Trying to keep P from having a trike wreck, Pop got tripped up on the trike and fell and hurt his knee. He says he is fine but I'm definitely going to be praying for him--it made a knot SUPER fast....

We are all home and calling it a night. Thanks Nana for the wonderful lunch--and K-K for the delish carrot cake--and I hope you all had a great Easter!

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