Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life's a BEACH!

There are some things that are most definitely NOT more fun when taking a toddler on vacation--for instance, you do NOT sleep in :) With that being said, there is nothing better than witnessing the childlike wonder and amazement of something as simple as the waves of the ocean crashing onto the sand. I will trade my beauty sleep for those memories any day...

We had a great vacation this past week to Orange Beach with my parents and K-K and Kevin. We did take a family beach picture all in white...but I have some editing to do and will post that later. For now--some pics and a snipit of our week!

Saturday-leave early to drive down; HORRIBLE traffic; quick trip to beach before dinner with Preston; dinner in condo
Sunday-beach pool day! Jeff and I took Preston on a Dolpin cruise in the late afternoon and it was SPECTACULAR! So glad we did it--the dolpins were so close!! Dinner in condo.
Monday-JULY 4th!! Full beach/pool day. Clean up early to go out to The Hangout for dinner (see P doing the "chicken dance!); Trip to Scoops followed by a great fireworks show at the Gulf State Park!
Tuesday-Preston goes to the Train Museum with Nana, Pop and Uncle Kevin. He has said this was his favorite part of the trip. Mommy and Daddy went shopping and to lunch, had a nap, then we spent some time on the beach then had dinner in the condo.
Wednesday-Jeff and Pop go play Craft Farms in the morning. Mommy and Nana spend time at the Pool with P. We get cleaned up and all took P to The Track in the later afternoon. He LOVED the go karts, bumper boats, airplane, mini ferris wheel, and OF COURSE he wanted to ride the choo-choo! Dinner at the condo.
Thursday-Girls head to Destin to shop while boys head to Aviation Museum in Pensacola. Guys nap and play at pool in the evening...Jeff and I went on a date to Grazie that night. YUMMY!
Friday-Last day on the beach. Cloudy morning lets us spend a lot of time by the ocean. Lunch, nap, clean up for family pics, and pizza at Franco's. Can you tell that I am pregnant because I am so worried about the food?
Saturday-up early to head home. Laundry ALOMOST DONE! Hope to enjoy tommorrow with my guys!

I am grateful for such a wonderful trip, and for my family to share it with. LOVE YOU GUYS! It sure is hot back here in Ruston-hope you are all staying cool! Family beach pic to come later...

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