Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're Still Here!

Sorry about the picture overload but I needed to make up for lost time :) Preston was sick with the flu the week before we didn't venture out much. He is much better and had a VERY busy day today.

Our morning started with "Breakfast with Santa" at Squire Creek. As you can see, Preston was a little terrified of Santa, but he had a blast eating pancakes and playing with Georgia and all of his friends. A special thanks to Nana for joining was absolutely divine to have both Jeff and she there to help me out!

After that, we headed to Papa Simpsons Farm for Alex and Cullen's 3rd birthday party. I think the pictures speak for themselves. He had a BLAST! I really enjoyed seeing my little man interacting with the animals because he really does have a love for them. I may send out a Kodak album to family because this is just a FEW of the good pics....

Happy Day!

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Katie Best Clark said...

Would LOVE to see the pics! He is sooo cute!