Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Mommy!

Can you tell these are MUCH better pictures than I usually post? Well, they would be if I could figure out how to crop them, which I have not, and since I am sitting here with wet hair needing to get ready for church it's not looking good for this post....*****

Jeff got me a fancy camera for Christmas--ok, he got a few hints :) It is really neat and I took these last night. Can someone help me with cropping them? I can magnify them on the LCD screen but don't know how to save it on the camera.THANKS!

Now to last night. We had a great time at Grandfather and Gran-Gran's farm in Sikes. We celebrated Christmas with them, the Bauders and Jeff's Aunt JoAnn. Preston got to try his first sparkler, had a GREAT time with Parker and got this neat tool set that he has been playing with all morning. Boy, we are going to need some new organization strategies around here after Christmas-do you see all of those little parts? I am sure I will find them all over the house by the middle of the week...

Anyway, hope you had a good weekend and I'm gonna go dry my hair.


****I cropped the images on my computer later in the day...and we made it to church on TIME! AND Preston lasted through "big" church for the very first time today...ok, he was sleeping....but he DID it! (And I was exhausted from bouncing him on my knee continuously for an hour :)

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jessie said...

if you figure out how to crop let me know! i didn't even know that was possible!