Thursday, May 21, 2009


This sounds really cliche, but I truly can't believe it has been 9 months since my precious angel arrived! We went to see Dr. Slusher yesterday for his check-up and had a couple of surprises in store. The first was that he has not gained any weight and has gotten 4 inches taller--down to the 75th percentile for height and weight. We may get to wear those 12M clothes some this summer after all! The other surprise was an infection in his right ear :( I had NO IDEA! He was not running fever and he plays with his ears all the time! Anyway, once I got over the guilt of not knowing and thinking he picked it up at Mother's Day Out, which is not even in session right now, I feel much better and he does too!
I added some snapshots from my phone from our last few days at home. (It is just more handy than the camera sometimes...) He is crawling pretty well now, still not pretty, but gets the job done! And, of course, he is super inquisitive about everything he can get his hands on. Hopefully, Jeff will help me with the childproofing of cabinets when he gets home. HAPPY 9 MONTHDAY, Preston!
And lastly, thanks for your prayers for my Gran! She is doind much better and is scheduled to come home as soon as they get her INR stable (measure of blood "thickness"). God has really had his hand on her and for that I am SO grateful :)

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