Saturday, May 9, 2009

First trip to the Pool!

Well, it's official!! Preston Luke is going to be a pool bum like his mommy!! As part of my Mother's Day, Jeff insisted that I go to the pool at Squire Creek for a couple of hours by myself....HEAVEN! Then, after 2:00 when the worst of the rays were over and nap was done, Preston joined me in the pool while daddy went to hit some range balls. Preston LOVED the pool! I was twirling him around, and floated him through the whole pool for 30 minutes. He was enthralled with the other kids, too--that's why he's not really looking at the camera in the pictures!! He's exhausted now, especailly after our trip to Resa's to deliver her Mom's day happy. Oh, and for all of you that know how terrified I was of it, the swim diaper worked out just fine.........I better not jinx myself though!! Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!

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