Monday, August 24, 2015

A surgery and a Birthday

It is BECAUSE of my blog book, my friends, that I had a pretty accurate record of how many times Preston has had strep throat in his short life.  A LOT.  Otherwise he is an incredibly healthy kid, and because of that I ALMOST got cold feet about having a tonsillectomy, but on the other side I am SO GLAD we did it.  Now all of you Mamas out there--this is NO JOKE.  Preston--even with strep--is usually only down for about 24 hours tops.  So I was NOT prepared for the long, painful recovery his sweet little heart endured.  It was bad.  I wasn't sure he could go to school last week but he rallied and did it but he is JUST NOW himself really and its been two weeks. His surgeon took pictures of the puss all over his tonsils/adenoids and showed Jeff and I so I am certain we made the right call.  Thanks to all of you who helped his recovery with visits, ice cream and other treats :)

And in the middle of all of this was PRESTON'S 7th BIRTHDAY!  What the waffle?  We celebrated with a trip to Arlington with some friends as his "party" this year.  So glad our bday is not in the school year so we can get away with that.  It was a hard day on him--he was still in A LOT of pain but I know he enjoyed the time with his friends Hudson and Davis.

P has started school but I will do an offical "BTS" post when John Cole starts back next week.  Love to all and happy back to routine :)

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