Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas in Pictures....

I apologize if you come to my blog to read anything I have written because it just hasn't been happening lately!  I did want to document our Christmas season in pictures, though, and as you can see we all had a BLAST!!  Mommy and Preston were super busy with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever the first weekend in December and had a wonderful experience.  Thanks to all who came out so see and support us.  When that was over all of the school Christmas fun got into full swing and I had so much fun being very present for everything this year.  The gingerbread house, the ballet and of course the reindeer games and Christmas party.  So FUN!  In other big news PRESTON LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!  It was so magical has the tooth fairy and our elf "Buddy" got into a bit of a dental floss tangle!  Preston said he didn't hear a thing!!  We had a wonderful Christmas with each of our sets of family but were not sitting on the couch Christmas Day as we packed up and headed to Dallas to cheer on our Bulldogs!  They came away with the win and that made it all the more special.  And let me not forget Daddy and Preston went on two seperate hunting trips--one deer and one duck---and had lots of camp stories to tell!  Mommy gets a little depressed when she realizes John Cole will soon be gone too...but for now we still have movies and hot chocolate in Christmas jammies by the fire!  Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and are settling back into a (cold, wet!) routine.  Love to all!

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