Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holidays are HERE!

First of all, I just have to say I can't BELIEVE my baby John Cole turned 3 yesterday!!!!! He potty trained himself, is just a JOY to be around and is so hilarious.  We all love you so much baby brother.  You did great at your first dental check-up too!  Mrs. Amanda told Mommy you were her best patient of the day :)

It's THANKSGIVING BREAK!  I can't remember a time in recent memory (well, except when I was in the hospital having a baby) that I took off a whole week for Thanksgiving.  But I'm hanging with my boys all week and I couldn't be happier.  Jeff and I really enjoyed our first AEP Thanksgiving Feast and I think Preston did too.  We even found the bricks commemorating Jeff and my graduation from Tech.  I think P was actually impressed.....

Daddy has been at the Duck camp so Mommy is INTO the Christmas spirit and decided to take the boys on a ride on the Polar Express in Palestine, TX.  Look, this is not Disney World.  Nor is is a short drive from Ruston....especially in the rain....but for these two boys it was a SWELL time. John Cole's favorite part was the train (which I regret not getting pictures of but the rain made it kinda hard) and Preston said his favorite part was the hot chocolate.  My favorite part was seeing the smiles on my boys' faces as they were singing Christmas carols.  Thanks so much for going with us Nana...couldn't have done it without you!!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a wonderful CHRISTMAS!  This is one girl who can't WAIT!!!  More later...

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