Friday, February 7, 2014

Preston's Television Debut

First the back story about how this came to be.  Preston entered a Lego contest at the Louisiana Tech IDEA Place last weekend.  In his entry packet was a registration form for being an IDEA Place guest scientist on the KTVE morning show.  OF COURSE, I promptly filled out the paperwork and sent it in.  Well, I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon that this morning's "scientist" was under the weather and they needed a fill in quick and had Preston's info right on we were picked :)

It was an EARLY morning as we had to be in West Monroe at 6am--but P popped RIGHT out of bed and didn't even complain about me fixing his cowlick.  THIS IS HUGE! Most days I just send him to school with a cowlick because it's not worth the fight--but he wanted to look sharp this morning!  Going to the TV station was just MAGICAL.  I can't even imagine what he thought about it all.  And he was PRECIOUS on his segment.  They made little "rockets" with alka seltzer tablets in plastic film containers.  They made QUITE the popping sound and it made for interesting live TV for sure :)  There is supposed to be a link on the KTVE site today of the segment for any interested.  

After the "experiment" we got a tour of the studio.  He loved  the kitchen area--even tasted some mexican food--but the highlight was of course the control room.  I wonder how much of it he will remember, but as for today he is a little boy on top of the world.  Thanks Lyndsey Vincent and Louisiana Tech IDEA Place!

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