Thursday, May 23, 2013

John Woodgate Read:January 17 1925-May 21 2013

It is with a heavy heart that I post today.  Even though it was not unexpected, the finality of never seeing Papa again is just now really setting in.  He will live on in all our hearts--especially Preston's--with whom he had a very special bond.  I thing Preston gets some of his personality from him.  He was quite the character.  A couple of memories to share:

--Papa told all of Jeff's friends (our wedding attendants) at our wedding that he lived in "Ball" Louisiana but really thought they should change it to "Balls" Louisiana because people would come from miles around just to see that :)

--A favorite poem of his, "Remember what happened to Walter Gray; who thought he had the right of way; he WAS right--DEAD RIGHT as he rolled along; but he was just as dead as if he'd been wrong.

--Papa loves children and really hoped I would have many more.  When Jeff and I were in some our our young married years, my Mom gave me a tiny little nightgown for my birthday that I opened in front of the family.  (NICE!) Anyway, I will never forget Papa winking at Jeff because he just couldn't wait for more little ones in the family.

John Cole is of course named after Papa, something we talked about during our last visit, and although they will never really know each other I know he will live on in John Cole's heart as well.  

Please pray especially for my Gran and my Mom.  Although we know he is with our Father in Heaven--there were nights leading up to his passing that he spent hours reciting the 23rd Psalm--we will all miss him terribly.  Thanks so much.

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