Friday, June 29, 2012

Better Late than Never....

I know it is pretty sad that this is all I have to offer from a 9 day trip...but unfortunately it is!  I do plan to try and redo the picture cd with all of my good pictures at some point in the future, but I feel it is most likely going to have to wait for a bit :)

WOW!  What can I say about this whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean?  It really was a trip of a lifetime and Jeff and I had a really fabulous time.  I can not go any further without saying thanks to EVERYONE who chipped in to keep the boys so we could have this opportunity!  (Preston only had to go to the emergency room once--for a staff infected boil?!?!  Thanks for not telling me 'til we got home!)

My favorite place was Cannes, France.  Hands down.  I could shop there all day---but would then have to come back and pick up some extra shifts :)  My one purchase for myself this trip was a French swimsuit I bought in Cannes that may not see the light of Squire Creek, HA!  And the water was GORGEOUS there--I have never seen anything like it.  Now, I've never been to the BVI or anything but I think Cannes would be in close comparison.

My least favorite place was Barcelona.  It was very urban and hip--but at the same time kind of seedy and dirty.  Granted, I may not hold Barcelona in much esteem because I was jet lagged during my visit AND I was randomly selected at their airport for a SCARY extra security search.  Maybe I should give it another try but really Barcelona just didn't float my boat.  (Except for the THREE H &M's!)

We had so much fun everywhere we went.  Hiking Mt. Vesuvius was super fun.  Our trip to the Tuscan countryside for a tour of a family winery with a traditional lunch was superb.  Rome was great--pictures can't do The Vatican City any kind of justice!  The weather was perfect.  The seas were calm.  The food was great. There was lots to do on the ship.  I wish I had my picutres of Jeff and I in floor length coats, fur hoodies and gloves in the "Ice Bar."  I even developed a little taste for Blackjack on this trip.....BUT but far the best part was spending time with Jeff just the two of us!

Like I said, hope to get more pics downloaded later but until then enjoy and I hope YOU are having a great summer :)

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