Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stomach virus ???

This is certainly not happy information to post, but I want to chronicle Preston's life and yesterday's (maybe) stomach virus is part of it!!! Preston had gone to Nana and Pop's to spend the night--we were planning on meeting for a Cole/Farr family day the next day-but we got a call Saturday morning to come to Winnfield ASAP. Because you might be eating, I won't go into the gory details, but I think as far as stomach bugs go this was a pretty mild one. THANKFULLY it looks as if the grown-ups are going to escape unscathed..
Pictured is when Preston was starting to feel better, but I still asked him to hold his "BOLD." When he started to feel good and run around again, he refused to and handed it right back to me--and I have never been so happy!!!
And on a totally unrelated note, please say a prayer tonight for the Kilpatrick family. They lost their patriarch, Mr. K.D. today from a short but very hard battle with brain cancer. He is most certainly in a better place, but I would appreciate your prayers for his precious family.
Love to all,


jessie said...

poor preston! glad he's feeling better and it didn't last long!

Anonymous said...

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