Saturday, March 27, 2010

"I think he likes the ducks....!"

Preston and I were supposed to hunt eggs at Trinity didn't quite work out like that. The church gym was transformed into a kiddie Easter extravaganza today--and the kids were having a blast. Preston Luke, however, was TRANSFIXED on the pick-up duck activity and essentially played in the water for an hour. The blog entry title was a quote from the young lady working the duck activity-ha! Anywhoo, when it was time to hunt eggs, he was sopping wet, cold and generally very cranky from being taken away from the aluminum pail with two inches of water and rubber ducks :) So no egg hunt. Maybe next year....
It was a pleasant surprise for Nana and Pops to call and say they were going to be in town this morning so Nana went to the gym with us. So when are we going to convince them just to MOVE to Ruston already???
On a side note Dr. Shelley started Preston on an antibiotic today. He had one on hold the Dr. had given me for just in case the last time he was sick and I never got it filled so I decided to today. He just has allergies like his mom and the congestion sets up in his chest every time. Please say a prayer this knocks it out!

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