Saturday, June 6, 2009

Watching Golf with Daddy-Lazy Saturday Afternoon

We had a busy Saturday morning but now are all pretty worthless and are spending a lazy Saturday afternoon! Preston seems to be completely over whatever the "bug" he had yesterday morning was, and was up BRIGHT AND EARLY this morning so we decided to head to Pop's Blueberry Farm in Dubach. Together, we picked 2 gallons of berries! I wish we could have gotten more but carrying Preston in the Baby Bjorn is hard on the back--let me tell you! We have just been tooling around, and now Daddy and Jeff are enjoying some QT. Just in case you were wondering, my grandmother is out of the hospital, and doing just fine. Again, thanks for all your prayers. Happy Weekend!

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The Allen's said...

this reminds me that we need to go pick our blueberry quota for the summer! sounds like you guys had fun.