Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look Who's Pulling Up!

Preston has been pulling up for a couple of weeks now, but I had not really documented that, so I thought I would snap a picture of him to do so!! He has figured out where Mommy and Daddy go in the house if we leave him. For instance, if we leave him in front of Baby Einstein and he hears my hair dryer, sure enough he will pop that little head around the corner to check out what is going on. He knows where we come in the back door, and knows the sound of the garage door means someone is coming in. Regretfully, he has also figured out that a babysitter coming to the front door means Mommy and Daddy are going somewhere....I guess that goes with the territory. The cutest thing that he is doing right now though is "high five!" He can totally do it, but only does it when he is good and ready :) We have a busy couple of days ahead and I will try to keep the blog updated. Love to all!

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