Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bathtime Fun!

Because we have not purchased a new camera yet, the only working device at my disposal is my iPhone camera. It takes great stills, but with a busy, moving baby leaves a little to be desired!! However, I had to post about how much fun Preston and I have had these last days at home. He is really getting good at scooting backward, and I can see a trip to Lowe's for childproofing items in my near future!! Also, one of his upper front teeth has poked through and the other is right behind. He LOVES to be wherever mommy and daddy are--he sits on the floor wherever we happen to be and just watches and smiles--REALLY CUTE! And lastly, he really enjoys jogging with mommy as she pushes the jog stroller. (Let me tell you that is a WORKOUT!!) Our love to one and all, Jeff, Shelley, and Preston!

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