Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shamrock 5K Run

I am so grateful to Nancy for getting our "group" together this morning to run the KD Shamrock 5K out at Lincoln Parish Park. Pictured are Katie Clark, Robyn Brown, me, Ashley Allen, Valerie Costanza and Nancy Hunt. Ashley's and Nancy's husbands, Grayson and Trotter were also running on our "team!" And, of course, Jeff, Cullen, Cary, and ALL the kiddos were in tow. I will not tell you my finish time, as I was REALLY hoping to do much better, but (caution, here comes an excuse!) the course was EXTREMELY hilly and I am used mostly flat so that definitely was a factor. On a positive note, Preston LOVED hanging out in his stroller at the park and it was a great family outing for us all!

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