Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trip to Pediatrician

Preston Luke had to make a quick trip to see Dr. Slusher this morning. All is well, he was having some bleeding from his belly button. Just some granuloma tissue, the Dr. said, and she treated with silver nitrate. She went ahead and did his 1 month visit since we were there--and are you ready for this? Preston is already 9 lbs and 14 ounces!!! He is only three weeks and two days old and has gained two lbs--he has also grown to 21 3/4 inches (which I think is a low measurement as his leg was not fully extended.) These measurements put him in the 75th percentile. We are all doing well around here. I think Jeff actually has it the worst as he really only took three days off and also has been working on his Graduate School of Banking projects on the weekends. Hopefully, we can all get caught up on sleep soon. Preston sleeps for good 3 1/2 hour sometimes 4 hour streches at night so I can not complain. Well, I hear him crying for me so I must go.......

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