Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday morning with Dad

I thought this was a precious picture of Preston-he loves to sleep on his daddy's shoulder.

As we come to the end of Preston's second week of life, here is a list of some of his likes and dislikes:

chewing on his hands
the vibrator feature on the pack-n-play
mom's left side

NOT being held
baby swing

His eyes are getting browner every day, and as best we can tell he is going to be right handed as he tends to grasp more with that hand. (I finally took his gloves off-he still scratches his face but he couldn't wear them FOREVER!) We are getting some sleep as we tag team his night feedings (dad takes first, I take second). He still has some stomach issues but I have about determined they have nothing to do with what I am eating. If they don't clear up soon I will call the pediatrician-or he may have a sensitive tummy like his dad. Anyway, love to all and hope your fall is off to a great start.

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