Friday, July 18, 2008

OB visit of note.....

Preston, Jeff, and I had such an eventful day at the OB yesterday! Because I want to spare everyone the details, I will just say that Preston's head is facing downward and I am showing signs that this will be an easy delivery :) UNLESS, he comes before, which I am still not convinced he's not, Dr. Penebaker wants to induce me on Wednesday, August 20th!!! 33 more days.........Preston is still doing very well--which we got to SEE yesterday on the ultrasound. I never get tired of having them. He is over 5 lbs and is "way down low" to quote OB. (I have been telling everyone that!!) He even stuck out his tongue at us---very cute. My bags are packed and just can't wait to have some great news soon. Love to all!

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