Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School 2016


My boys have done MDO since they were 6 months old so having days at home is not a new thing for me.  However, I've had a child at home with me on Mondays and Fridays for....well....8 years!  (John Cole gets out at 2:00 this year so,...let me be clear that I am FAR from footloose and fancy free...ha! )  So this has been a BIG DEAL for us to have them both in school....BIG DEAL!

I'll start with a BTS post for my Preston.  He has Ms. Haley Hay and is loving the 2nd grade.  He was mostly glad his BFF Caed Baines is in his class.  He looks SO TALL in this picture to me and just is thriving in school.  So far homework is time consuming...but not he is really getting to enjoy his extra curricular activities.  He is taking tennis lessons on Mondays and is gearing up for a big AEP Cross Country season and has those practices on Tuesday/Thursday.  Proud of my Bullpup!

Little bit is LOVING his school as well.  Jeff and I really struggled with the decision to send him to the public Pre-K4 center here in town.  Preston attended it and it was great for him--but I don't know we just struggled with it.  But now that it has started I'm pretty sure he's not going to want to leave after the year is over.  He LOVES "eating on a tray" in the lunchroom, his precious teacher Mrs. Maggie Graham, recess and has in ONE WEEK learned to spell and WRITE his name.  GO JC!! You GOT this man :)  I'm looking forward to being his "room mom" this year and enjoying all of the fun that goes along with that.  It is of course a lot of work...but I'm taking advantage of his wanting me to be there for as looooong as I can!

Hope you are all settling into Fall routine....more later....

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