Friday, July 11, 2014

Winshape Camps for Communities: Best Week Ever

I had never even HEARD the name "Winshape" until recently, but now that I have seen what it is all about I am so happy to have gotten in the know and especially grateful Preston got to experience one of their "Camps for Communities" this week.

The Truett Cathey (of Chick-Fil-A) Family has spent years putting together day/overnight camps, retreats for marriages, retreats for pastors, sponsoring foster homes and even doing missionary work internationally under the "Windshape" banners.  From what I understand, it's a pretty big deal to get one of these camps to come to your church and Temple had it for the first time last year.  My readers know I like to keep Preston busy in the Summer (he is asleep upstairs now though...) and so we decided to check out this great day camp.

There was a long list of activities to chose from, and Preston selected 1) Secret Agent 2) Wacky Scientist and 3)Fast Food.  (If you know Preston none of these should come as a surprise!) So he spent time doing these activities that also tied back into God's word.  I went to his exhibition this morning and I think you can tell he was having fun.  He and I won the cookie decorating contest for our snowman...he was pretty pumped...especially when he got to eat it!

We all got free Chikkalay for lunch and now I am gearing up for night two of the Sound of Music.  Thanks family for coming out last night.   I am going to try and get some good pics one of these nights of performance...

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