Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally--A NAP!

Preston has not slept at MDO this ALL! It has really been challenging these months to deal with a toddler who has not slept all day. You may think Jeff and I are hermits, but truth be told we can't really venture out at night with Preston because on Tuesday-Thursday he really needs to be in bed at 7:00 or else he might pitch a random fit...ok, the odds are high.

How EXCITED I was to get this picture on my phone yesterday from Mrs. Velissa! Truth be told, I was working and Miss Paige was picking him up from school and I had told him she would get him an ICEE if he judgement worked!

Now, if we could only figure out how to make this happen every day. Did I mention he ALWAYS naps at home? Now, he doesn't go willingly or anyting but it is usually not hard to get him down. Hmmmm....

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jessie said...

congrats! o is trying to give up her nap and i'm not happy about it! so we, too, stay in b/c she's in bed by 7 (at the latest) or it gets really ugly around here!