Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We have had a great Easter season at the Parker house! We spent the day in Winnfield yesterday with Nana, Pops, Aunt K-K, Mr. (soon to be Uncle!!!) Kevin, Gran, Papa, D-D and the Areingdales. Preston LOVED playing with Read, and continues to be more enamored with guys--he really loves PAPA!
This morning, Preston was excited to see he had been visited by the Easter Bunny. Growing up, we just got candy and maybe one special toy for Easter so I have decided to carry on that tradition. It's too bad his eyes are closed in the picture, but I included it for Aunt K-K! One funny note about the Easter loot is that Preston is STILL cutting his bottom eye teeth and chewed up his new Nerf football before we got ready to go to church........oh well....
After we all got dressed, we went to worship at Trinity then had a delicious lunch at Squire Creek with Resa. Preston was a prince at lunch, and we took a few shots of him afterward on the grounds. Isn't he adorable in his new Easter duds?
We hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter and were reminded of the miracle we are celebrating..CHRIST is RISEN!

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The Tylers said...

The outfit looks precious on him. Meant to get with you before now to see how it worked. Sorry! Glad y'all had a wonderful Easter.