Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quiet January......

I apologize to anyone who actually checks this blog regularly, but I have just not had many pictures to share lately! We actually have been pretty busy, but not with anything THAT terribly interesting :) Preston is REALLY starting to get fun, and his little personality is developing daily. He is such a CLOWN! He loves to make silly faces, and will be happy to mirror back a silly face you make to him. My New Year's resolution was no more baby food--and I have kept it for the most part. Preston's diet consists of waffles, bananas, GRAPES, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, popcorn shrimp, turkey, cheese, cookies, and SOMETIMES I can get some veggies in him. Not all the time. The only person he eats veggies for is his NANA-she got him to eat a BROCCOLI FLORET! I would not believe it had I not witnessed it!! He is getting more verbal by the day as well. I didn't voice this to anyone but my family, but there was a time that I was a little concerned about Preston's communication skills........but those concerns have been laid to rest! Let's just say I have gotten to experience my first "fits" with Preston and he can communicate JUST FINE :)
Jeff and I are really getting pumped about our snow skiing trip in a few weeks...but are going to be gone a whole week and will miss Preston TERRIBLY!
There have been some pretty sad things going on in Ruston these last weeks, and I just wanted to pause and give an update--and give GOD all the GLORY for the blessings in our life! All our best to each of you :)


jessie said...

i check the blog regularly and preston is just adorable!

April said...

I also check your blog all the time! Try some cheese on the veggies, Caroline eats it up that way. Ok, and lots of butter too. Might not be the best thing, but at least they will eat vegtables that way!