Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breakfast (well, kind of) with Santa

WHEW! Preston and I just got back from attending Squire Creek's Breakfast with Santa and I am POOPED! I would love to report that Preston loved Santa and we got a great picture--but nothing could be further from the truth :) The minute we got close to the man in the red suit, Preston screamed full force. He would let me hold him to the side of Santa while we read a just MAYBE one of those will turn out. We'll see. Then, after I chased Preston around for a little while---he's hard to catch when he sets his mind to getting away from you--we had a little breakfast with the DeMoss family. As you can see, Preston definitely has eyes for Miss Murphy-ha! Next, we tried making a stocking with stickers but had to halt that when Preston started eating the stickers. Finally, we attempted a photo session with Davis and Preston but it went about as well as the pictures with Santa...oh well. They sure are cute little boys though, don't you think. At least Preston gets the Santa thing. When he passes my needlepoint Santa pillow on the couch he says, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" If you can catch him say it, it is pretty cute!

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